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SSA for the planet.



Exclosure is the next generation of space situational awareness.

Space is humanity's greatest untapped resource. Exclosure is working with satellite operators, academics, hobbyists, and governments to provide the world a fast, accurate, and trusted third-party source of ground-truth data for space situational awareness (SSA), traffic management (STM), and domain awareness (SDM).


Space needs us.

Orbit environmentalism is regaining popularity just in time; in both law and nature, no problem stays unconnected for long.

- Cris van Eijk



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Peter Wang

Peter Wang

Peter has been developing commercial scientific computing software for over 15 years. As the co-founder of Anaconda, he has extensive experience in software design and development across a broad range of areas, including 3D graphics, geophysics, large data simulation and visualization, financial risk modeling, and medical imaging.

Todd Huffman

Todd Huffman

Todd is a serial entrepreneur whose work has ranged from biomedical imaging to geospatial intelligence. In his work with DARPA he built election reporting infrastructure in Afghanistan. He has advised and served on the boards of over a dozen companies, and is presently working with Schmidt Futures to develop a novel biomedical imaging technique.

Shane Glynn

Shane Glynn

Shane Glynn is lawyer with a background in innovative communications from the Google Loon project. He is currently the President of MobileCoin Worldwide and avid aviation and policy enthusiast.

Gerald Spencer

Gerald Spencer

Gerald, a former merchant marine, has extensive experience in developer operations and startups.



Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 9.26.00 AM.png

Matthew Goodman


Matthew is a second time founder who is obsessed with imaging system design. As a co-founder of 3Scan he served as the CTO and technical leader of a biomedical imaging startup which raised over $21M. Post acquisition, he has been focused on the core tech that underpins the Exclosure approach to orbital imaging.


Brian Alvarez

Founding Engineer, Hardware

Brian is a deep tech nerd from MIT who brings experiences from time at Apple and Cruise. He will be working to make the hardware on our observatories shine and produce the data we need to move our early products forward.


Michael McCoy

Founding Engineer, Software

Mike brings a wealth of startup experience and deep technical know-how to Exclosure. Since receiving his PhD from Caltech, Mike's led the development of a successful SAAS product, worked on self-driving cars, cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs, and engineering management.


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